Saturday, July 16, 2016

Airtel Free Unlimited 3G/4G Trick July 2016

Now a days, the broadband Internet is not that costly. We can get unlimited Internet plans with Wi-Fi at home, through broadband connections. But still, mobile data is required in the phone as we cannot be at home all the time. Sometimes we need fast Mobile Internet for some specific need, and we don't want to spend much on that. Different companies provides different small data plans, but those are not sufficient or there will be no speed at all, say for 2G.
Airtel recently launched a small pack called Cybercafe plan worth Rs.5. In this plan, you get 1 hour full unlimited Internet on 2G network. There are also small 3G/4G plans, but as 3G/4G speed is very high, the pack data will not long last :P
Note: Currently Airtel's 3G and 4G plans are same. You will get speed according to the network you are receiving on your mobile.If you are in 3G network, you will get 3G speed, and if you are in 4G network coverage, you will get 4G speed.Well, in this article, I am going to share a trick, through which you can use the Airtel's 1 hour 2G Cybercafe pack on 3G/4G speed. Just follow the instructions carefully and you are good to go :) :
Please note that this is a trick tried by many people in different regions. Try at your own risk. We are not responsible for any talktime/data loss or SIM blockage in case the trick doesn't work for you.

Steps to use Airtel's Cybercafe pack for one hour on 3G/4G network:

  • First of all, you need to activate the Cybercafe pack worth Rs.5 on your airtel number. You can activate this pack by dialling the USSD code *567*100#
  • One you have activated the above pack, you need to activate a small pack of Rs.9, which gives 25MB 3G/4G data for one day. You need to activate this pack in order to trick Airtel to use the 2G Cybercafe pack on 3G/4G data. To activate this pack, dial the USSD code *567# and then select option 4 for 3G/4G. Then option 1 for the Rs.9 3G/4G pack.
  • One you have activated both plans, Switch off your phone and switch it on again. Alternatively, you can turn on Airplane mode and turn it back off.
  • Now put your phone on 3G/4G network, if it is not already and turn on your mobile data.
  • Done!! Now enjoy unlimited 3G/4G data on your phone for next one hour.
If you are facing any issue in performing the steps above, feel free to put comments. We'll be happy to help you as soon as possible. Also, comment whether this trick is working for you or not, with your area/state name. It will be useful for other people as well.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

TATA Docomo MNP Plans for 2016 and Special Offers

It's been a long time since I have posted any article on MNP schemes. As we know, MNP stands for Mobile Number Portability, through that, we can switch between various service operator(s) without changing the number,  Very soon, I'll be coming up with an article, explaining some attractive benefits of MNP and NMNP (National MNP) which you would like for sure.

Well, without going to deep further into MNP and other details, here I share the latest plans and offers givens by TATA docomo, when you join TATA docomo through MNP or NMNP. This information is specially collected from Karnataka starte, though the offer will be same through out India with some exceptions.
I request you to please verify any offer with the operator officially. The information I am providing here is just to help you people out. I am not responsible for any kind of change in plans/offers.

TATA Docomo MNP Plans for 2016 and Special Offers

Calling offers:

  • All Local Mobile calls @ 1p/sec, leads to 30p/min
  • All STD Mobile calls @ 1p/sec, leads to 30p/min
  • All Landline calls @ 1.6p/sec, leads to 96p/min (Non verified)
  • This calling plan is valid for 180 days

Data Offers:

  • Total 1 GB free 3G data. 500 MB data for first month and then 250 MB data for next two months each
  • Data charge after free usage will be 10p/10kb

SMS offers:

  • Daily 100 free SMS. (There is no first message charging condition, it's totally free)
  • Valid for 180 days

Recharge offers:

  • Get 60 full talk time on recharge of 60 and 115 talk time on recharge of 110.
Other than these offers, you may get various other offers, like free caller tunes or any other subscription etc. You can get more details about MNP or any other product(s) of TATA docomo at their official website. You can also have a Live Chat there and get the desired information easily.

If you find any correction, please bring it to my notice. Also, if you are from other state, and know the MNP offers or other offers, please let me know. I'll be happy to share here. Because, sharing is caring :)

If you find this article helpful, do share with others and let them know what you are discovering. Feel free to push a comment for any kind of doubts/information.
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Monday, June 6, 2016 Create Your Free Online Shop and Start Selling

Nowadays, online shopping is more preferred than physically going to market and shop over there. Due to the increasing trend of online shopping, small business owner are struggling, because they are losing their customers. Due to low budget, they can’t easily set up their presence online. Yes, if your business is having online presence, you will have more customers, eventually leading to more revenue. There are various cheap and easy ways someone can setup their business online. But just being online will not lead to more customer and more business. This needs some market research, customer interest and some marketing too. And again all this leads to a big invest.
Here the question arises. How a small business owner can get his/her business online easily, with very less or no investment and can also reach to a large customer base. One options is, they can develop a website for their business online using open source tools. But still, reaching a large customer base requires some investment plus some professional marketing person.
Well, here comes the ​solving all your problem at a single place, that’s too without any investment. Yeah, that’s true. is cloud based social­commerce platform wherein, any small of medium size business can create their own e­commerce website, and start selling their products.

Let’s understand the feature’s of in details:

Mobile First and Full Responsive is a full responsive platform and specially a mobile first. This means, the site will respond according to the end user’s device, be it a mobile phone, a tablet, a laptop/desktop or any other device. The users will have a seamless experience, no matter what kind of device he/she is using to shop through

International Online Marketplace is an international online marketplace. That means, you can sell your products online in worldwide, and not just within your local marketplace. This eventually leads to a vast customer base, without investment and market research.

Open a Free Shop and start Selling

Selling your products on is very quick and easy as 1,2,3... All you need to do is, create an account at, create a free online shop and create listing of your products over there. Your products will start appearing to the shoppers. Easy enough, right?

Not just for sellers, for buyers too

Well, on, you can sell your products. But what if you don’t want to sell anything, rather want to buy something? Yes, you can buy anything you would like to, from world wide, through

Chat to Buy

Liked some product(s) at Cool. You can chat with the owner/seller of the product directly and discuss about the product more, and buy. This will be a awesome experience for you for sure.
So what are you waiting for? Visit now, open your free shop and start making money online by selling your product world wide hassle free. To know more about, you can visit this page,
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Thursday, May 26, 2016

[Review] Airtel Broadband Service in Mysore

Howday Folks! I am writing this artile based on my experiance with Airtel Broadband service in Mysore. Intially when I wanted to get a broadband connection, first I inquired for BSNL broadband. Unfortunately, the area in which I am living, BSNL broadband service is not available. Then I came to know about one local ISP. I was impressed with the plans provided by that ISP. But when I got some reviews about the services of the said ISP, I was confused. That is because, some reviews were positive, others were negative. But ultimately I came to a point that, its not worth going for. Because, getting a broadband connection from that ISP is very pathetic. You have to pay the installation charges + one month's bill in advance, and then wait for more than a month to get a call from them, regarding the installation. Before that, no matter how many time you call them, visit their office, nothing will happen. Moreover, they won't even pickup you calls.

The only reason for opting to that ISP was the cheap plans. The Airtel Broadband plans are bit costlier than other ISPs, but on the other side, you can expect a better service from them. And that's what I am experiencing now. Ideally you get an Airlel Broadband connection within 48 hours (working days) after you apply for it. In my case, it took one day extra as I was not having any local document for address proof (Rent agreement in my case). The representative was also a good person. He completed the process very smoothly. Also he told me that there was a promotion at that time, and I had to pay half of the installation charges + free wi-fi router.

Well, I had a good experience with the representative (salesman/agent) and the engineer who came for installation as well. Also, sometimes we may face some issues at some DPs or other points, the service resolution is done very fast. And last but not least, if you face any outage, you will get adjustment in your bill (you have to tell them).

This is not a paid review, this is based on my personal experience and wanted to share it. I am also sharing the contact details of the person, through whom, I got my connection. He is very friendly and good person. You can contact him to get Airtel Broadband connection in Mysore. He can guide you for plan details and any other information required.

To get an Hassle Free Airtel Broadband connection in Mysore, contact:
MO.: +91 98806 55889

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Friday, May 20, 2016

[Update] Whatsapp's these four new features you will like

Whatsapp is giving some useful and lovable updates now a days. Few months ago, a new security feature was introduced in Whatsapp, that is end-to-end message encryption. If you choose to use this end-to-end encryption feature, all your text, image and even video messages will be encrypted and sent to the recipient. You can read more about this update here on on of my earlier post. One more considerable feature was voice call. News are that, Whatsapp is soon coming up with Video call facility.

Recently some more features have been introduced in Whatsapp, which are quite useful and handy. So, here I am listing down the four new feature with screen shots and description (if any).

1. With the Quick camera button on chat, you can select recent pictures or videos from camera roll

Now you can tap the Quick camera button on the chat screen (just before the send button) to select recent picture or videos from the camera roll. Its a very useful and handy feature to quickly share picture or videos taken by your device's camera. Look at the screen shot below:

2. Now you can set any Solid colour as your Chat background

Instead of setting an image as chat background, now you can select any solid colour as the chat screen background. Select any colour from a range of predefined Solid colour, and set is as your chat screen background. Refer the following image for more understanding:

3. Archive, Delete, Mute or Mark as Read multiple chats at once

This is one more useful and handy feature. Now you can select multiple chats and Archive, Delete, Mute or Mark as Read them at once. Here see the screen shot:

4. Send Formatted Text in chat

Bored of sending normal texts. Now send some formatted text in chat. You can make text as BOLD, Italic or Strike through. Thinking how to to format the chat text? Don't worry, here I am showing how you can format the text, You just have to surround the text with some special characters accordingly:
  • *bold* (surround the text with * to make it bold).
  • _italic_ (surround the text with _[Underscore] to make it italic).
  • ~strike through~ (surround the text with ~[tilde] to make it strike through).
Easy enough na? Well, see the image showing these type of formatted text.

So which feature(s) you like the most, among the listed above? Please share you opinion by simply dropping a comment.
If you find any omission/correction in the article, please let me know. I would like to here from you. And yes, please share the article with your friends.

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Thursday, May 19, 2016

[Stable] MIUI Minor Update Released - What all you need to know about this update?

Xioami has started rolling out one minor update for MIUI 7 for different phones. Not sure about other devices, but for Mi4i, it started rolling out today in India. The Update version is MIUI-V7.3.1.0.LXIMIDD Though, in the change log only two major updates are mentioned, its really came up with many new and awesome features. I'll describe about all the updates in details with some screen shots. In the change log, following two changes are mentioned. So, by looking at the change log, we get a kind of disappointment, but if you look into all the changes, you will fell better :)

Here is the official change log:

Well, now we will proceed further and see what are the exact updates came in this minor stable update. Before reading further, please note that, the information provided here are all based on my hands on experience after getting the update. I'll not be responsible in any way, for any kind of error in information provided herein.

So here you go:

1. Accessibility in Messaging

> Now you can see any message in a full screen view. All you have to do is, quickly tap on any message for 3 times.The message will pop-out in a full screen. This is a considerable change.

2. Contact Details and Call Back button on messaging screen:

Now you can see the contact information or call them directly from the messaging screen.

3. Long press to select multiple Alarms and delete:

Long press alarm to select multiple alarms, and delete more than one alarm at a time.

4. App Lock Screen Background Color:

The inbuilt App lock is one of the best feature of MIUI. Ideally we use pattern/password to lock our phone, or use third party apps to lock particular apps. I don't prefer using third party apps for locking apps. The third party apps have different pictures and colours for the background of the App lock screen. The MIUI's inbuilt App had a simple background till now. But now it's updated. Now the background of the lock screen will be based on the particular app. Well, you can best understand this by looking at the screen shots below:

5. Calendar event background:

We use calender to add reminders for events or meetings or any other appointments. Now the event background will have a picture, based on the particular event's time. If it's in the morning, there will be a background of early morning sky with sun shine. For evening event, there will be a night sky background. Look at the screen shots below:

Well, these all are the changes I could figure out till now. I also noticed some minor changes, but I am not sure whether those changes are in this update, or they were there already.
I'll update this article if I find any other changes.
Hope this will be a helpful compilation. Please put a comment if you find any correction here, or want to add more from your side. I'll be more than happy to update the article, if the information is worth it.
Please share this article. Because, sharing is ..... :)

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Miracle Box All version full setup free direct download

Miracle box is the best too for flashing and unlocking all kind of china mobiles. No other box can beat this box in terms of flashing and unlocking china phones. Though this box is not just for China phones, but we can say, this is the only perfect box for china phones. Many other CPUs and phones are also supported by this box. You can read more about the miracle box at the official website here.

Well, the price of Miracle Box is Approx 7.5k INR (US $125 apprx.). Not everybody can afford the Miracle box at small scale. So here I am providing the latest and full version of Miracle box to download and use for free. You don't have to purchase the box or any key to use it. Just download, install and use it without any box :)
No password, No virus. i am providing here many links, so in case one link is not working, you can use the others. .

Download Miracle v2.31 Full Version Download Miracle v2.30 Full Version Download Miracle v2.27 Full Version (Link 1) Download Miracle v2.27 Full Version (Link 1) If any of the above link is not working, or you have more links and want to share, pleae put in comments. I will update the links and also credit will be given, if required. Feel free to comment for any kind of help.

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