Apple iPhone 7S: All the Probable Features

Apple has created a worldwide sensation when they launched the much-awaited iPhone 7 back in September, last year. With the new dual-lens camera setup, waterproof display and the introduction of the Lightning Port, the US-based tech giant captured the lion’s share of the smartphone’s market. Since the release of the iPhone 7, the tech enthusiasts as well the tech geeks are eagerly waiting for the next installment of this coveted series to release. There is no doubt Apple is going to launch another iteration of this famous handset series, that’s too in the coming September. But what will be that next version called? Will it be termed as the iPhone 8, a whole new version or it will be the iPhone 7S, the bigger version of the existing iPhone 7?

If we believe the current rumors, Apple is going to unveil the bigger version this time, instead of going for a whole new iteration. Even the sources close to the project are also suggesting that the Cupertino-based tech conglomerate will unveil the iPhone 7S in the coming September, during the WWDC conference. So in this article, we have shed some lights on what could be the probable features of the upcoming iPhone 7S.


The iPhone 7S is most likely to sport an all glass body. Apple is trying to incorporate the all-glass body since 2015, now finally there are ready to include it. The glass chassis will be developed and produced by the Apple’s partner Foxconn. Moreover, Apple is finally going to ditch the Home Button this time. As the optical fingerprint scanners have advanced a long way in the last couple of years, it is easy to place the sensor underneath the display glass and to design a virtual ‘Home Button’.


For the last couple of iterations, Apple has launched the iPhone in two sizes, 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches. But according to the latest report, the iPhone 7S will come in 4.7-inch and 5.8-inch variants. Moreover, with the iPhone 7S, Apple is finally going to introduce the OLED displays. Till now the US-based tech giant has only used the more conventional LCD displays. But as the arch-rival Samsung has already launched Galaxy series smartphones with the OLED display, Apple is finally ready to include the same panels in the upcoming iPhone 7S handset.


Apple has stormed the tech world when they released the iPhone 7 Plus with the dual-camera setup. The lethal combination of the wide-angle lens with the telephoto lens has made the camera of the iPhone 7 hugely impressive. So we are not expecting any more changes in the camera aspect of the forthcoming phone.

Under the hood, The tech gurus are almost sure that Apple is going to launch the iPhone 7S with A11 chipset designed by the 10nm manufacturing process. And as per the operating system is concerned, Apple is going use the upcoming iOS 11 software, which is set to release in few days time.

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