Best Android Video Player To Watch Videos (Best Video Experience)

For watching high-quality videos on your Android phone you will need to have a good video player app on your device. Because with the default video player app, you will not be able to watch or stream high-quality videos in a smooth way. So all you need to have is some of the best Android video player apps for your Android phone with the help of which you can stream high-quality videos on the go.

best Android Video player

Now you will need to choose the best video player because only on those apps you will be able to play all type of videos even in high definition. For example, video players like in MX player you can play any format of videos let it be MP4, AVI, WAV etc. easily. So, even when you are downloading any video you do not have to search for the supported formats for your device. You can download the video in any format you want and watch it easily on your device.

So, in this post we will be listing down the best video player for your Android device which you can easily download and use it on your phone. All the apps listed here are having the best features, but all are special and unique in their own way. So, you can download any of them according to your requirements.

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Best Android Video Player apps:

AC3 Player:

The AC3 player is one of the best android video players which allows the users to watch videos of any formats like the AVI, MP4, WAV, MKV, FLV, etc. Not only it works only for video, but it also works very well in supporting audio and subtitles of the video. And all this is possible as it comes with inbuilt audio and video codes for every format.

Ac3 Player

So, now you will not face any kind of situation where your videos freeze and stop working in the middle just because of the formats and size. The best part of this video player application is the interface, as it is made very simple that you can easily access to every feature you want on the go.

AllCast Video Player:

Allcast is a free video player app, but it is better if you can go for the premium version of the app. As in the premium version, you will be introduced many hidden features. Like in the premium version you will get rid of the splash screen, video limits and ads for the obvious reason.

AllCast Video Player

But overall this Android video player is having lots of amazing features in them even in the free version. As you can even cast your videos through Chromecast, Amazon TV, Apple TV and much more. You can not only view videos with this application, but you can also preview your photos from the phone on the go.

MX Player:

If you are looking for the best android video player with an easy and simple user interface, then you must try MX Player. It allows playing all video formats and audio formats also. The most interesting feature is that for adjusting anything like volume, brightness, HW & SW codecs etc. you do not need to stop the video you are watching.

Mx player

You simply swipe the screen up and down to adjust volume and brightness of your phone which is awesome. The interface of the app is very classy and standard which makes it one of the best player apps of all time.

Kodi Video Player:

Kodi video player is a best android video player for Android device with bigger screens like tablets, Android TVs, etc. The library options are simply awesome, shows all the contents on different windows to simply the work and for accessing videos easily.

kodi video player

You have to choose the content you want to watch or listen from there. So in this video player app, you will have everything in front on the screen. And out all this app comes for free of cost with all these features added to it.

VLC Player for Android:

VLC player is the best video player for windows as well as for androids too. The Android version of VLC has brought all the features those really make the video watching experience awesome on PCs or laptops. Very easy user interface with the thumbnail view of contents which is very helpful while sharing files via Android devices.

VLC player

Other features like aspect ratio adjustments, fast forward & Rewind option, gesture control etc. are all available. Like the MX player app here also you can increase or decrease the volume by sliding up and down on the screen.

Plex Video Player

Plex is a video player with unique features and facilities which not only help you to watch videos but also to keep the phone storage free. Yes, if you use Plex Video Player, you can store all the videos, you want to watch, on a server of your device, and watch the same contents from your android devices by streaming it.

Plex Video Player

It’s like streaming your own videos from the computer. As a result of which, your storage of Android smart phone remains free and you can watch the videos too. This app is the first step in cloud management.

Wondershare Player

If you want to download a video player which allows you to watch locally saved videos as well as online videos by streaming, then you must give a try to Wondershare Player. Like VLC, it has a Windows version also and featured with direct streaming from the app, just all you need is to type the link.

Wondershare Player

Yes, from the Wondershare player, you can directly browse and stream your online videos and watch them on your device with fast processing speed.

These are the entire Best Android Video Player which you can use to watch videos or movies from your device storage and by streaming as well. These are all the most liked video players by the android smart phones users for their best performances. So you just need to choose the right one according to your need and download it on your device to enjoy watching videos of your choice.

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So don’t just wait, decide and download the Android video player mentioned above and watch your favorite videos with your friends and family without facing any error of video freezing just because of the formats and size.

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