Best MNP Plans for November 2013 in Gujarat

MNP that is Mobile Number Portability, provides customers, the facility to switch the mobile operator they are using if they are not satisfy with the services provided by the current operator, that is also without changing their number. i.e. A customer can retain his/her mobile number even after changing the telecom operator. Before the MNP service was launched, if the customer is not happy with the current operator, he/she had to have a new sim card for another operator. This problem was solved by the MNP service. Although a customer has to be with current operator for a period of 90 days.

In this post, I am not going to actually describe about what is MNP and what is the procedure, because you all know what is this and how does it work. If you do not know about this, please have a Google search, you will get to know. In this post, I am actually going to highlight best MNP plans provided by different operators in Gujarat. Companies provide better plans to attract customers from other operator to join their network. Currently I am going to list only two plans, which are industry best MNP plans for November 2013 in Gujarat.


Reliance is providing a very good plan to the customers who are from different network and join their network. This plans is so much good that anybody want to join them. Also Reliance network is one of the best network according to my experience. Well, here is the plan summery which Reliance is providing to their MNP customers-
  • MNP charge – Nominal, around 17/- (Some retailers provides it for free 😛 ).
  • Local R-R calls @ 10p/Min.
  • All other local and STD calls @ 30p/Min.
  • All local and national SMS @ 5p/SMS.
  • Total 500 MB GPRS data. 250 MB in first month and then 125 MB/month for 2 months)
The tariff validity for local and STD calls is 180 days (6 month) that is really enough. The validity for SMS plan is only 1 month.

TATA Docomo

TATA Docomo is also providing almost the same plan as provided by Reliance which is described above. Here are the plan details provided by TATA Docomo to the MNP customers.
  • MNP charge – Nominal, around 19/-
  • Local Tata to Tata calls @ 1p/6 sec (10p/Min).
  • All other local and STD calls @ 1p/2sec (30p/Min).
  • Total 600 MB 3G data. 300 MB for first month then 150/Month for 2 months.
The tariff validity for the calling plan is again 180 days (6 month).

Current TATA Docomo users can switch to Reliance and vice-versa if they want such a cheap plan. Other users can chose any of the two operator according to their own experience or something else.

Other operators are also providing such cheap plans but I am not going to list down now. I will describe about them in my upcoming posts.

For any kind of MNP inquiry, suggestions, advice, please push your comment  or Inbox me. I will feel good to reply. The information provided here may not be 100% true, and hence you are required to cross-check the same with the corresponding operator before proceeding further. If you think any of information provided is not correct and you have the correct information, do let me know. I will update it quickly.

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