[100% working] OnePlus 3/3T Showing Device Temperature Too Low, Unable to charge

Today, I got a OnePlus 3T mobile for repair and the issue was, while charging the phone, it was showing, Device Temperature Too Low, cannot charge. I dissembled the phone and found that one of the six battery tracks was broken from the mainboard. Further, traced the lines and found that the track of one of the six points of the battery connector was open. It was the temperature sensor track. So, even after fixing the connector back on the board, the phone would turn on with whatever battery charge was left. But, the phone won’t charge. When plugging in the charger, it shows:


This is the photo of the actual error the phone was showing:

Out of the six points of the battery connector tracks, two are ground (battery -, black in the image below) and two are for VBAT+ (battery +, red in the image below). The other two are for the battery sensor:

OnePlus 3/3T charging connector

The green color track (in the image above) was open on the board and there was no easy trace for it.

I tried to search the internet for the full battery connector ways, but couldn’t find any. After spending some time on it, I figured out the missing line. Made a jumper and fixed the battery connector properly and whoila! The issue was fixed and the phone started charging properly. Here is the complete diagram for the fix:

OnePlus 3/3T Battery temperature sensor track jumper

I’m sure this would help a lot of people facing this issue. If you have the same issue and couldn’t find a solution yet, try this and I’m sure this would fix your issue 100%.

Let me know via comments if this helps. Share with others and help others too 🙂

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