Free Facebook Surfing During Diwali on Airtel

Are you a Facebook addicted? Or want updates and wish all your loved ones and relatives during Diwali, but don’t want to pay high amount for SMS. As the Diwali day and the next day are declared as blackout days (i.e you can take benefit of any SMS plans and rate cutters), you have to pay high amount to talk or send SMS to your closed ones. In today’s time, the Internet packs are also very costly of all telecom operators. If you are also a person finding the solution for this problem, you are at right place. Airtel Gujarat (not confirmed about other states) is providing free 40 MB Facebook surfing with 7 days validity. You can also GIFT free Facebook surfing to your loved ones, friends or any other person who is using Airtel mobile. To avail this you have to do the following:

  • First of all you have to send an sms that is GIFT <Your Mo No> to 51619. You will receive a confirmation message saying that the benefit will be credited within 48 hours.
  • If you want to send this as a Gift to your closed ones, just replace Your Mo No with the beneficiary (receiver) mobile number. It should be an Airtel mobile number. You can send this Gift to as many person as you want, provided it is an Airtel number within Gujarat circle.
  • Within 48 hours, you will receive the benefits into your account. You will not get any confirmation message whether the benefit is credited or not. So you have to check it manually by dialing *123*25# . If it credited, it will show you like “You have **.** MB left in… ” otherwise it will show you “Invalid account selection“.
  • Once you have received the benefit, you can  start browsing Facebook from your standard mobile browser by m.facebook.com. Please do not use www.facebook.com. Otherwise you will be charged from your main balance (If not additional Internet pack is active). Perhaps the Facebook mobile application can also be used, but it is not sure. Try once and push a comment if it works for you.

If you are a smart phone users like Android, iPhone, and you do not have any additional Internet pack active on your number, please do not use this. That is because you can browse Facebook for free, but other services of your system need normal Internet. So this can cause you a high amount depending upon the applications you use.

Although I do not have knowledge about other states, you are requested to try it out and push a comment if you are from a state other than Gujarat.

At last, Happy Diwali. 😛

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