How to know own mobile number

Have you just purchased a new sim card and still not remember your own number? Did somebody asked you to retrieve their mobile number from their mobile phone? Or you want to know any mobile number from a phone, but don’t have balance in it? Reason may be anything. If you are a telecom partner having a mobile shop and sell recharges. Suppose some senior person comes to your shop and gives his/her mobile phone to you and asks to recharge it, but don’t know the mobile number. One option is that you use a recharge coupon. Second option is you give a miss call from that phone to your mobile. But what if the coupon for that particular denomination is not available and the mobile also is not having a bit balance in it to give a miss call? Don’t worry. Now almost all operators are providing some USSD codes, by which we can get the mobile number from the mobile itself. Below I am providing the same for all leading operators. Have fun.










*1# (Some samsung and other phone do not accept *1 as USSD code, so use *1#)


*1 (Currently working only on 3G network in Gujarat)
*1# (Some samsung and other phone do not accept *1 as USSD code, so use *1#)
*580# (Both 2G and 3G network)



These codes are latest and tested in December 2013 by me. May be these code will not work in some states. If you have any other updates related to this post, your comments are welcome. In my upcoming post, I am going to provide some very useful USSD codes and SMS keywords like How to check free SMS, available free Internet balance etc. But only if I receive good response to this post. Have fun..!
Happy Winter…!!

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