How to Root Mi Max in 5 simple steps

Every hardcore Android fan might be aware of the word rooting. Most of the Android fans enjoy the possibilities of the rooted Android phone, and they love to do it as it gives them the freedom they wished for. For those who aren’t aware of rooting here is a short explanation about rooting.
Android is an operating system that has vast possibilities, and these possibilities are mostly limited by the smartphone makers. Most of the smartphones were not at all tasting the power of Android to its full potential.
This is where rooting plays a key in unlocking the full potential of Android.

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So rooting an Android phone will give you complete access to your smartphone which is limited by smartphone manufacturers. You can do whatever you want. Uninstall bloatware, use your custom os (Mods), upgrade the current version of Android and much more.

Note: Rooting voids the warranty from the manufacturer. Do it at your own risk.

So now you got to know what is rooting and it’s capabilities. So if you are an owner of Xiaomi Mi Max, then this how-to guide is intended for you to root Xiaomi Mi Max.
Xiaomi is one of the emerging smartphone brands that has quickly gained a large user base by offering premium smartphones at affordable price points. The pricing strategy of Xiaomi has made it as a tough competitor to it’s international rivals like Samsung and Sony.
Xiaomi Mi Max is one of the premium offerings from the company and was a huge success. Many of the users love using this phablet smartphone with beautiful looks.
So rooting Mi Max will let you do more than what you have imagined. No doubt Mi Max is a beast regarding performance, unlock more by rooting it.

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How to Root Mi Max?

Before you go ahead and start rooting the device, please have a look at the following checklist:

  • ADB and Fastboot driver for Windows or Mac. You can download them from here
  • Official TWRP recovery for Mi Max. Download it from here. SuperSu app for Mi Max. Download the latest SuperSu from here and copy it to a directory in SD card
  • SuperSu app for Mi Max. Download the latest Super Su from here and copy it to a directory in SD card
  • an SD Card

Before starting the process, make sure that the phone’s battery is at least 70% charged so that the process doesn’t fail in-betwen because of battery.

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Step 1: Enabling Developer Mode

You need to enable the developer options to Root your phone. To enable it to go to about section of your phone settings and click seven times on the build number. You will get a small notification once it is enabled.
Now go to developer options and enable “USB Debugging” and “OEM Unlock” from the developer options menu.

Step 2: Installing ADB and Fastboot

  • To perform this step, you need to have a PC
  • Install the downloaded copy of ADB and Fastboot driver onto your PC. Once done open the directory to which it is installed
  • Copy the downloaded TWRP recovery image to that directory and rename it as recovery.img
  • Now hold shift and right click at any point in the same Window. This will open the command window.

Step 3: Connecting your phone

Now connect your Mind Max smartphone to your PC via USB cable. Switch off the phone and hold power button and volume down button together to boot into Fastboot mode.

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Step 4: Flashing TWRP recovery

Now head back to the command window and type the below command which will help you check if the device has been successfully connected or not.

fastboot devices
When your device has been successfully listed type in the following command in the command window of flashing the TWRP recovery of Mi Max.
fastboot flash recovery.img
This will flash the recovery.img in the recovery partition of your device.
Once down you have successfully flashed your Mi Max.

Step 5: Booting into recovery mode

As we have successfully flashed the TWRP recovery, it’s time to boot into recovery mode and install SuperSu.
To do this, you can either type in below command or boot in by pressing Power button+volume up.
fastboot boot recovery.img
Once you are into recovery mode, navigate to the directory that contains the SuperSu and flash it the same way.
Upon Successful flashing, you can enjoy your rooted Xiaomi Mi Max.
Congratulations this confirms the installation of TWRP recovery, and you have been granted the root access to your phone.
So now what? You have a rooted smartphone and thinking of what it can do?

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Here is a quick list you can do immediately

  • Remove all the unnecessary bloatware that consume your phone memory and affect its performance
  • If your phone doesn’t have the latest Version of Android and you wish to taste the latest Android you can try flashing the latest ROM’s and tweak your phone
  • There are some apps which are exclusive to rooted phones and have more features than that of the normal apps. You can try and install them and enjoy more benefits
  • If you are a geek in nature, you can start learning about Android and its functionality
  • You can also start hacking your phone and dig deep to know things

That’s all for now. Hope you have enjoyed our simple guide on rooting your device. Well in most cases the method would be a bit similar as above, so this could be the best start to Android geek world.

If you have rooted your phone, do comment what you have done after rooting and comment your rooting experience.

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