5 Simples Ways to Increase Battery Life Of Your Smartphone

In this post, I am going to tell you how to increase your android device life.

Why Save battery?

Well, before we go ahead and learn how to save or increase the battery life of our smartphone, we’ll learn as to why exactly we need to increase the battery life. Okay, so with the increased battery life, we can use our phone for quite longer than usual. Suppose you got stuck and your battery is about to die/ already dead? How would you feel? What if you want to capture a beautiful scene in front of you through your smartphone’s camera and, your phone’s battery just drained? Now you would have your answer as why to save or increase smartphone’s battery.


Guys stop doing showoff and turn off your live wallpaper and if possible USE FULL BLACK wallpaper because of black wallpaper Less pixel active in Compare of color full wallpaper so try it. I am sure your battery life will be increased.


Friends Stop installing useless apps which you use once in a year and also uninstall app which you never use. do you ever noticed when we buy new phone the battery work like charm but after some month when we have lots of app battery start draining too much fast it because some application always work background so please uninstall use less app and keeping clean your phone and also whenever you use any application switch it off or close it properly from task manager.

Bluetooth, Wifi, brightness

Never forgot to switch off your Bluetooth and wifi when you are not using it and never increase your phone’s brightness when you are at home.

Charge your Device Properly

Charge your Phone with original charger only and never charge your phone after 100%. This may harm your phone’s battery. Never let down your phone because of low battery.


Argghhh.. Widgets. Widgets use more battery because they always active please use less widget and if possible do not use any widget.

These are the basic ways to increase the battery life of your Android Smart phone. If you have some more ideas, which are not mentioned here, please write in comment and help other. If you like this post, please share it.

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