Install Deleted Authority/Security Certificate on Nokia Phones

Does your nokia phone shows 'certificates not on phone or sim'? If so, you need to install deleted authority certificates on your Nokia phones. Here is how.
Sometimes after flashing or updating the Nokia phones’ software, we lost the security certificates used for code-signing in JAVA applications. Without these certificates, the applications would not work. They give the following error “certificate not on phone or SIM”. After working for a long time, finally I got the perfect 100% solution for these problems.
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 To solve this problem, follow the below steps.

  1. First, download the Oxicube Phone Manager from here
  2. Now download the authority certificates for your Nokia phone from here
  3. Install Oxicube and connect your phone
  4. Now open Oxicube and navigate to c:hiddenfolder>cerficates.
  5. Then rightclick=>new=>file and open AuthDeleg.db from the downloaded folder.
  6. After that navigate to c:hiddenfolders>certificate>auth and delete all data from this folder.
  7. Now right click=>new=>file and select all data in auth folder from the downloaded folder.
  8. All Done Now.
  9. Now exit Oxicube, Switch-off, and switch on your phone.
  10. You can see the installed certificates by going to menu>Setting>security>Authority Certificates your phone.
  11. Enjoy!

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You can also watch this video to easily install the certificates.

If you need certificates for other phones like Nokia 6303, C3 etc then please ask in comments.
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  1. Please give nokia C3 certificates. how to install them because oxycube does not work with it

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Sorry to say, but there is no solution(in my knowledge) for these phones. I am currently working on it and hope will come up with a good solution.

    • Hey Jain, am having olso that problem on my Nokia 210, some of my certificate has expired and some of them i did deleted it, so what can i do or is there any solutions.!

  4. configurations nokia c3?

  5. What type of configurations you are asking for? Please be specific, I will surely help you out. 🙂

  6. Please i lost my nokia 6303c authority and user certificate

  7. I restored my Nokia C3, but the Authority certificates have been deleted how can i get them

  8. I probably have the certificates for Nokia C3, but don't remember the actual process for restoring the same right now. I need some time for that. You can email me @ [email protected].

  9. Hey bro are you trying to get us to like a page and you get paid? Please be specific and give a valid url for the oxicube download please

  10. Sorry for the issue you have faced. There were some issue with the links, and the same have been updated. But if someone is trying to help you out, please don't blame them like that. 🙂

  11. I have My Nokia X2,02 but internet browser can't opning
    Nokia online CA how Download

  12. Can you please tell in brief, what problem exactly you are facing? If it's related to certificates, did you try installing the certificates as mentioned in the article? Please revert, I'll love to help you out.

  13. does these certificates work on asha 305?

  14. No. You need different certificates for Nokia Asha 305.

  15. I accidentally deleted my certificate of Nokia asha 501 and due to this my whatsapp is not working it is unable to registet my phone no plz help

  16. Hi Divya. Did you try the above mentioned steps?

  17. i want auth certificates for nokia 6303 i classic

  18. Added the link in the post, to download Nokia 6303 certificates. Post the results.

  19. what is the authority certificates are expired and not working
    none of the apps in my phone is working after hard reset

  20. Please try re-installing the authority certificates on your phone as mentioned above in the article.

  21. I have that problem too. My phone fell and when I did reopen it had 66,5 MB free. All system data (includes web) was removed. When I do Try to connect to a site from menu(only HomePage is available.)it says "Secure Connection not Available" I did try to send myself a webpage link from SMS, phone crashed and restarded. I did got my APN from my operator so no problem about them.

  22. Hey Arda Aydin. Please let me know which phone you are using. I would love to help you.

  23. Need authority certificate fot nokia asha 310 for signing in watsapp

  24. my phone can not open some of apps includng whattsap,facebook,tweet,brose wape when i open them jst say certificate not in phone/not in sim….nokia asha 306

  25. The nokia browsers are not opening.i just want to update my phone with myself.i hope u send for this number *removed* as a massege.

  26. Send the link for update my nokia asha 206 with myself.even the homepage also isn’t responding plz help to do that.

  27. Does the steps also work for Nokia Asha 202?

  28. i am using nokia asha 501.
    unable to install / run whatsapp & coonect to internet
    because it is showing certificates expired.
    requesting you to help.

  29. How to install user certificate in Nokia-C201

  30. guys I want certificates of my nokia x2-01 to be reinstalled . Help me

  31. Nokia308 whatsp certificates

  32. Can u pls help me or tell me hw to download my Nokia x2 01 server certificate

  33. am failing to install on my nokia 210. please help

  34. My Nokia C3 All Authrty Certricate Delete Plz Solotion

  35. Pliz help me get authoyity/certificatec and how to install in nokia c3-00

  36. I need 6303i classic authority certificate &all.
    For whatsapp

  37. Mere mobile nokia asha 310 me certificate invalid bata rha h nokia account me jao to bo certificate invalid according to phone date esa likh kar aa rha h

  38. Raja Khurram Shahzad
    Raja Khurram Shahzad

    I want nokia asha 202 authority certifacates

  39. please tell me how can i install cirtificats of nokia c2_03

  40. Please help me and reply me.Jb main Internet chalta hon To Jb koi bhi app Open krta hon To to Error aa jata h main ny Mobile phone ko rest bhi kiya new setting bhi install bhi ki hain phir bhi Error aa raha hai..
    Error yh likha hua ata hai ( Error establishig secure connection. check coverage security and data setting on the phone. (005)

    Mare paS Nokia 206 hai “aur jub Whatsapp open karta hun tu uploding apps hona shur ho jati likan cnt ni hoti.

  41. I need certificates for my C3

  42. hii iam using nokia 2690 and this mobile certificate has expire i want to work my mobile system completely i hope this msg is helpfull for me jay bhim

  43. My Nokia certificate authority was deleted and my phone internet browser is not opening i did and download whatsapp on it, it was saying i should upgrade and have done that many times. Help me please???

  44. the link you gave,is not correct,pls we need help

  45. Nokia Asha 202 certificates

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