[Expired] Last 3 Days to Grab Scratch Cards (and win upto Rs. 1000 each) on Google Tez App

Google recently launched Google Tez app for Android and iOS in India which can be used to transfer money directly via Bank account using the NCPI’s Unified Payment Interface, generally known as UPI. With the launch of the app, Google also introduced some rewards t0 promote the app. Here are the three types of rewards currently offered by the Google Tez app:

  1. Rs. 51 for every new user you refer who makes his/her first transaction via this app
  2. Both persons get a scratch card when you send or receive money with someone new (min transaction amount is Rs. 50)
  3. A Lucky Sunday Scratch Card for the first transaction of the week. This card will be available to scratch by end of that week’s Sunday. (This offer is going to get expire this Sunday, 15th October)

Note: We are providing the information as is. We are not responsible for any kind of issues occurred by using the information provided here. Please visit the Google Tez official website to get more information.

So, how do I get these offers?

You can get all of these offers right now. All you need is an Android Phone or iPhone, a mobile number which is registered to any of your bank accounts.

Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all download the Android/iOS app from this link
  2. Once installed, you have to register the application with your mobile number which is registered with your bank account. Make sure the SIM card is active on your mobile
  3. After entering the mobile number, click on Continue and then select a Google account from the list to associate with your Google Tez account
  4. Next, you will receive an OTP to verify your mobile number. Once the mobile number is verified, you have to set a PIN for the Tez app. You can select your existing screen lock or set a new Google PIN
  5. Next step is to add a bank account to your Google Tez account

How to add bank account in Google Tez

Follow these steps to add your bank account in Tez:

  1. Open your Google Tez app and click on +ADD BANK ACCOUNT from the top
  2. Now you have to select your bank from the list and click on Proceed
  3. You have to authenticate your account by entering the last six digits and expiry date of your debit card
  4. After adding the bank account, you have to create a UPI PIN. You have to enter this PIN every time you make a transaction via Tez. Once you set a UPI PIN, you will see a confirmation message that the bank account has been added
  5. Now you are ready to make transaction

Alright. So, now it’s time to actually get the rewards. Once you register to Google Tez app and add your bank account, you have to make your first transaction to be eligible for any of the awards. If you make your first transaction as a money transfer to other Google Tez user worth Rs. 50 or more, you are eligible for all of the rewards mentioned above, in one go. If you have downloaded and installed the app using our link, you can make your first transfer to my account worth Rs. 51 (You will see with the name of Vishal Jain in your Tez app. Mention JainTele.com in the transfer details and we shall transfer the money back to you). You can read all the terms and conditions and eligibility for the rewards, here:

Feel free to drop a comment if you need any help. Spread the love 🙂

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