MobiKwik Supercash Trick-Use more than 10% on a single transaction

This simple MobiKwik Supercash trick will help you to use more than 10% of your MobiKwik supercash balance.

Well, recently MobiKwik has introduced SUPERCASH and all your cashback will be accumulated as a separate balance known as Supercash. This balance will be different than the ordinary wallet balance, and has the following limitations:

  1. It has an expiry date, post which the balance will be lapsed (nearly two months, I’m not sure)
  2. You can use maximum 10% of the MobiKwik supercash on a single transaction. That means, if you Rs. 100 as supercash, you can use only Rs. 10 on a single transaction, no matter the transaction is worth Rs. 100 or Rs. 1000

So the quesition is, how to use more than 10% of Mobikwik Supercash on a single transaction? Well, I got one small yet smart trick which allows yout to use more than 10% of the MobiKwik supercash in a single transaction.

This trick will work when your recharge or bill payment amount is bigger and breakable. Breakable means, you can recharge/pay in parts. For e.g. You have to pay Rs. 500 for your broadband bill, you can pay Rs. 250 twice.

How to use more than 10% of Mobikwik Supercash on a single transaction

Okay, so consider a scenario where you have Rs. 50 as Supercash in your MobiKwik wallet. Now you are making a payment for your broadband bill of Rs. 500. In this case, Rs. 5 (10%) out of Rs. 50 Supercash will be used, and rest Rs. 495 you have to pay from Mobikwik main wallet balance or through other way.

Doesn’t sound good, right?

Now what if I tell you that you can use Rs. 25 on the above mentioned transaction? Yeah, you heard it right. All you have to do is, break your above Rs. 500 transaction into 5 transactions worth Rs. 100 each. Yes, you can do that and that will not impact anything.

So now you will be able to use 5×5, a total of Rs. 25 Supercash with the same Rs. 500 transaction. Isn’t that a lovely trick?

You can use this trick while making high amount transactions like Broadband bill payment, DTH recharge, electricity bill payment etc., where you can make the payment in different installments.

Hope you like this small. Please share the world, and let them enjoy too!

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  1. with so much farse n circus better to avoid mobik wik . breaking so many times n one will not be able to ge other cashback offers.

  2. Well to be quiet honest, use other options like paytm or something.
    Mobikwik cashback is honestly useless. I have 600 super cash in my wallet and it’s useless to use it. You won’t even be able to acquire other deals.

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