Welcome back to Jain Telecom. I am here with a great technique to flash latest Nokia 110, 112, 114 etc. phones. Although we know that now a days, we can easily flash Nokia phones with many boxes, even without any flashing box. But the problem is that how to flash Nokia 110, 112 and 114 (and many such phones).?? I am saying so because there is no USB port in these phones. And also these phones are supported by only a few boxes (I think). After waiting for a long time, finally, I got the solution to flash these phones. But to flash these phones, you need USB pin-outs. But don’t worry, I am here with the solution. All you need is a USB cable (Any simple USB cable). We only have to make a bypass USB cable. The following diagram shows how to do so.

After attaching corresponding wires, you are ready with your hand made USB cable. The only limitation is that you can not repeatedly remove and insert USB cable into the phone. .;) You can only do so by the computer’s side. Anyways, now insert the USB cable to a computer, attach a battery to phone and press power on button on your mobile. Your computer will recognize the phone as Nokia USB ROM. I have flashed these phones with MX Box only. But I guess, it can also be done with HWK and Phoenix. Well try downloading the flash files setup (exe setup) and try with Phoenix and HWK, it will work definitely. Good luck..!!!

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