Today I got a handset Nokia 3110c with “Restart Problem”. Obviously I should flash it with latest flash files and I did so. I connect the phone with uFsMicro(HWK) and read the info. There was ver 7.30 files in the phone. I downgraded the phone to ver 7.21 and flashed. Then I restored UI setting. Now I power on the phone and the problem was as earlier.I was shocked!!.

I again flashed the phone, even with nokia 3500c files.But all my efforts gone in vain. Now I connected the phone with MX Box and made backup of PM, RPL and Cert etc and completely erased the phone. After erasing the phone, I flashed it and restored all UI settings. Now when I power on the phone(Without writing back PM and RPL) I got the same problem as it was before.

I was very shocked because I didn’t get even “Contact Service” on the phone (Phone was erased and RPL, PM were not written back). I left the phone.

After sometime, I thought that “Try karne Me kya Jata hai”, and I connect the phone to uFsMicro(HWK) and clicked on Format FS. After completing the Format process, I restarted the phone in Normal Mode.

Amazing!!!. It worked!! . The phone is completely working now.

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