Reliance Jio Speed Tricks 2017


We know everyone is enjoying the cheapest data offers by Jio, but the slow speed is interrupting whenever we try to download anything like music, videos, and movies etc. Reliance is working continuously to increase the speed of Jio 4G, but till that here are some tricks/methods to increase the speed of Jio you can use.

Trying some tricks you can increase your 4G speed in Jio SIM, then why you’re using a poor network.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to increase your 4G network speed. We’ve tested this method and it’s working for us.

1. Use free VPN apps from Play store

You can free VPN apps like Snap VPN or any other VPN from play store, which can help you to increase 4G speed.
After installing the app from Play Store. Open it and wait it’ll automatically connect to Indian server. You can manually connect to an Indian server.
After connecting to VPN server check the speed by downloading anything you can see some changes in the speed. It will increase then it was before.

2. Change APN Settings on your phone for faster 4G speed

By changing APN settings on your phone you can also increase the Reliance Jio 4G speed.
You’re making changes in existing APN settings then note down previous settings first or add a new APN setting.
Change the APN settings as given below:
Name – Reliance Jio
APN- Jionet
APN type- default
Proxy- No change
Port – No change
Username- No change
Password- No change
Server –
MMSC – No change
MMS Proxy- No change
MCC- 405
MNC- 857 or 863 or 874
Authentication type- No change
APN protocol- Ipv4/Ipv6
*No change indicates leave it as default or previous settings.

3. Lock the 4G network to band 40

Note: We don’t recommend trying this method use it at your own risk.

  1. Dial *#*#4636#*#* and select phone information.
  2. Select Set preferred network type.
  3. Select LTE only.
  4. For MediaTek Processor:
  5. Install MTK Engineering Mode app from Play store and run it.
  6. Select MTK settings.
  7. Select Band Mode and then choose LTE Mode.
  8. Select Band 40 for best speed or band 50 for best coverage.

For Qualcomm Processor:

  1. Install Shortcut Master Lite app from Play Store and open it.
  2. Go to search option by tapping on Menu.
  3. Type Service Menu or Engineering Mode and hit on the search.
  4. Set the network mode to LTE bands.
  5. Locking a 4G band means you can’t longer switch itself to other bands to find networks. You’ve to do it again manually. This is boring and time-consuming task.

4. Change Band of your mobile phone

This trick is for Mediatek processor phones. Make sure to select LTE band in your phone before starting. Follow below steps to change band and increase the speed of your Jio 4g internet.
  • Download MTK engineering app
  • Open the app and go to MTK settings
  • Select Band Mode and then Sim Slot (select JIO Sim slot)
  • Scroll Down to LTE mode.
  • Uncheck all other bands and select BAND 40
  • Tap on Set and Done!!

Note :  Be careful while trying the above method you can damage your phone. You can Download MTK engineering app from Blackmart app store.


We’ve tried our best to find tricks to increase Reliance Jio 4G speed. We’d test speed ourselves so this is trusted methods. Maybe some methods don’t work for someone. Technology changes in seconds and that’s why we aren’t 100% to increase speed.
Let us know are these methods working for you or not. Do you’ve any working methods apart from these, and then please share with us and reader community.

Note: All the Jio 4G speeds tested on Nov 1, 2017 on HTC Desire smartphone, except APN settings methods and we got success in increasing speed.

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