[Review] Airtel Broadband Service in Mysore

Howday Folks! I am writing this artile based on my experiance with Airtel Broadband service in Mysore. Intially when I wanted to get a broadband connection, first I inquired for BSNL broadband. Unfortunately, the area in which I am living, BSNL broadband service is not available. Then I came to know about one local ISP. I was impressed with the plans provided by that ISP. But when I got some reviews about the services of the said ISP, I was confused. That is because, some reviews were positive, others were negative. But ultimately I came to a point that, its not worth going for. Because, getting a broadband connection from that ISP is very pathetic. You have to pay the installation charges + one month’s bill in advance, and then wait for more than a month to get a call from them, regarding the installation. Before that, no matter how many time you call them, visit their office, nothing will happen. Moreover, they won’t even pickup you calls.

The only reason for opting to that ISP was the cheap plans. The Airtel Broadband plans are bit costlier than other ISPs, but on the other side, you can expect a better service from them. And that’s what I am experiencing now. Ideally you get an Airlel Broadband connection within 48 hours (working days) after you apply for it. In my case, it took one day extra as I was not having any local document for address proof (Rent agreement in my case). The representative was also a good person. He completed the process very smoothly. Also he told me that there was a promotion at that time, and I had to pay half of the installation charges + free wi-fi router.

Well, I had a good experience with the representative (salesman/agent) and the engineer who came for installation as well. Also, sometimes we may face some issues at some DPs or other points, the service resolution is done very fast. And last but not least, if you face any outage, you will get adjustment in your bill (you have to tell them).

This is not a paid review, this is based on my personal experience and wanted to share it. I am also sharing the contact details of the person, through whom, I got my connection. He is very friendly and good person. You can contact him to get Airtel Broadband connection in Mysore. He can guide you for plan details and any other information required.

To get an Hassle Free Airtel Broadband connection in Mysore, contact:
MO.: +91 98806 55889

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