How to solve the biggest problems of Rural Areas with High Speed Internet?

Rural areas are those areas where there are less than 5000 people. There are a number of problems that these rural areas face. One of the problems is due to migration of the youth and young people away from these places to urban areas. Therefore, the population in rural areas are mainly aging populations. Another major problem is the high dependence on agriculture and which in turn is totally at the mercy of mother nature. There are other issues with regards the poverty, lack of investment in these areas as well as so much more. This article talks about the different problems faced by the rural sector and the how they can be tackled with high-speed internet.

Tackling Monetary Problems

People in rural areas face monetary problems as well as there is often a shortage of physical money which they face. This is due to the fact that the number of banks in the rural areas are less and far between. After demonetization hit, this was probably the worst hit and worst affected as these people need physical money in order to carry on with their lives, to buy and sell, to transact, to pay fees as well for any and everything needed. If there was high-speed internet which these people had, it would have made life so much more simple for them. They could buy commodities through internet banking, they could pay for services including that of doctors, vendors, daily needs shops and more through mobile wallets, they would be able to receive payments through either internet banking or by mobile wallets as well. That would prevent them from having to waste hours on end in huge lines waiting to withdraw money from the banks.

Increasing Household Income in off-season

The decrease in household income could be solved also using high-speed internet. During off-seasons or during times or days or even months when there isn’t much to do in the fields (as agriculture is the main source of income), the rural population can supplement their income or rather add to their income by various work at home schemes which are available. In fact, this will also solve another of the problems – namely that of unemployment

Handling Medical Problems

The third problem which is faced by these people is that there are very few or hardly any good doctors which are available. The doctors in the rural areas mostly are general practitioners and they are not specialists in any field. Therefore, if the person suffers from something out of the ordinary illnesses such as colds or coughs or fever or perhaps at the most viral infections, they always suggest the patient be taken to a specialist. At most times these specialists are in cities which could be maybe a hundred kilometers away or even more. If there was access to high-speed internet, there could be consultation held which could be done via skype or any such video calling service. The specialist could also give the general practitioner a second opinion upon seeing the condition of the patient through either a mobile device or a laptop or desktop computer.

handling medical problems in villages through Internet

Agriculture, Weather Problems and Tackling them using the Internet

getting whether forecasting through Internet

As agriculture is the main source of income, high-speed internet provided by 3G bonding router could be used to find out climatic conditions, forecasting of rains or the continuation of the dry spell, it could be used for finding out high or low-pressure zones and which is the best time to plant seeds as well as when they should harvest their crop in order to prevent the majority of their crop from being either destroyed by storms, heavy rain, hail and more. They can even find out whether they should harvest their fruit trees or if they should wait for a few more days for the fruit to ripen. Usually, when the farmers are caught unaware, they lose a lot of their investment by the seeds being washed away or the fertilizers and pesticides being washed away. They also lose out when the ready crop which needs to be harvested is destroyed due to hail, rain and other climatic conditions.

Farmers can be aware of the Best Price for their Produce and Sell

Using high-speed internet provided in some cases by 3G 4G LTE bonding, the farmers are able also to find out the best price for their produce. The internet speed is increased with http 192.168 ll which helps to make the router settings. Without access to the outside world, they depend on several layers of middlemen who buy their produce at a pittance and keep a hefty profit for themselves before selling the produce in the cities or large towns.

Now, with the help of CDN providers, the speed of a website can be even increased extremely. That eventually allows more information to be spread in the rural areas with limited or slow Internet connectivity.

Being aware of New Technologies and Implementing them for Real life problems

Without high speed internet, the rural areas are not aware of not only the new materials but also the new technologies and the new techniques for building of their house, the equipment which are available for them to use and increase the productivity and also they are unaware of the various tools which can be employed both at home as well as in the fields.

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Without access to the world at large, they use the same process, procedures, and equipment to farm. They may not even be aware of new pesticides, fertilizers, methods of deploying these in the fields and so much more.

Get Information about latest Government Schemes through the Internet and get benefitted by them

Without access to the internet, they will not be aware of all the different programs which are created by the local, state and central government to help them grow and prosper. They usually as a result of their ignorance take loans from money lenders at steep rates of interest which they are unable to pay back. As a result of it, they usually end up losing their fields, their cattle and more. If they had high-speed internet, they would know of the different loan options which are available to them from banks and other financial institutions and therefore, would find respite for their financial situation.

Children and Youths can get the latest knowledge and educational information

High-speed internet could help their children learn better through videos, tutorials and other sources of learning which are available, as most rural areas do not have good teaching staff and so the students find themselves lagging behind their counterparts who live in bigger towns and cities.

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