[Stable] MIUI Minor Update Released – All you need to know about this update?

Xioami has started rolling out one minor update for MIUI 7 for different phones. Not sure about other devices, but for Mi4i, it started rolling out today in India. The Update version is MIUI-V7.3.1.0.LXIMIDD Though, in the change log only two major updates are mentioned, its really came up with many new and awesome features. I’ll describe about all the updates in details with some screen shots. In the change log, following two changes are mentioned. So, by looking at the change log, we get a kind of disappointment, but if you look into all the changes, you will fell better 🙂

Here is the official change log:

Well, now we will proceed further and see what are the exact updates came in this minor stable update. Before reading further, please note that, the information provided here are all based on my hands on experience after getting the update. I’ll not be responsible in any way, for any kind of error in information provided herein.
So here you go:

1. Accessibility in Messaging

> Now you can see any message in a full screen view. All you have to do is, quickly tap on any message for 3 times.The message will pop-out in a full screen. This is a considerable change.

2. Contact Details and Call Back button on messaging screen:

Now you can see the contact information or call them directly from the messaging screen.

3. Long press to select multiple Alarms and delete:

Long press alarm to select multiple alarms, and delete more than one alarm at a time.

4. App Lock Screen Background Color:

The inbuilt App lock is one of the best feature of MIUI. Ideally we use pattern/password to lock our phone, or use third party apps to lock particular apps. I don’t prefer using third party apps for locking apps. The third party apps have different pictures and colours for the background of the App lock screen. The MIUI’s inbuilt App had a simple background till now. But now it’s updated. Now the background of the lock screen will be based on the particular app. Well, you can best understand this by looking at the screen shots below:

5. Calendar event background:

We use calender to add reminders for events or meetings or any other appointments. Now the event background will have a picture, based on the particular event’s time. If it’s in the morning, there will be a background of early morning sky with sun shine. For evening event, there will be a night sky background. Look at the screen shots below:
Well, these all are the changes I could figure out till now. I also noticed some minor changes, but I am not sure whether those changes are in this update, or they were there already.
I’ll update this article if I find any other changes.
Hope this will be a helpful compilation. Please put a comment if you find any correction here, or want to add more from your side. I’ll be more than happy to update the article, if the information is worth it.
Please share this article. Because, sharing is ….. 🙂

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  1. After updating some of my apps have stopped working on mobile data, they are working fine on WiFi. Don't know what to do.

  2. Actually after the update the battery is drowning fast…I don't know whether the battery has gone or this is because of this update…..

    Is anyone experiencing same issues…

  3. Well, I am not facing this issue. Just charge the battery to 100% once, and try using it on 2G data (if you are using mobile data) for a day. If you are using wi-fi, then it is okay. If still the battery drains fast, need to change the battery. You may also try un-installing some apps which you feel consuming more battery and are not useful.

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