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Many Kind of USB Modems are available in market. They are very good to use, but are locked to their operators. i.e. They are branded so that we cannot use other simcards in that modems.Obviously we can make them debrand and use other simcards , but it costs us very much.In almost all the USB modems like Huawei, ZTE etc, if we insert a sim card other than the operator to whom which it is locked, it asks for unlock code. This is a uniqe code for every mobile equipment.We can try upto 10 times to unlock with the unlock code. If we attempt to unlock with wrong code for 10 times, than it is blocked.But don’t worry if you have lost your 10 attempt. You still can use your modem with other operator.

  • To get unlock code of your modem for free, just put your IMEI no in the comments, I will provide you the unlock code very quick.
  •  If you have lost your 10 attempts to unlock, then please put the details of your modem in the comment, like make and modal, IMEI no etc.

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