6 Best Android Fitness Apps for 2017

Most of us have a fitness goal for the year 2017 and made it our new year’s resolution as well. The android applications are not only good for managing the life and schedule but also very beneficial for the fitness and health. You can download these apps from the Play Store and get started with your fitness journey from your android device.

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These apps will not only track record of your fitness and health but also provide you complete information about your health and related stuff, if you have any health or fitness goals, do download it and get started!

1. Fitbit

The Fitbit initially is free of cost and you can download the app on your android device but if you like to use its premium version you have to pay few dollars $49.99 per year to be exact. This is a very versatile and best app for fitness as you can download it on your android device, Smartphone, iOS and window phones as well as on your Windows. This app will provide you a complete fitness summary along it will monitor your fitness activities. It will show you your daily footsteps by tracking your mobile movement, this app will show you your blood pressure, glucose level, and heart rate etc. you can also keep a record of your calorie intake and burn. The Fitbit is one of few apps which has launched its fitness smartwatch which you can sync with the app and it will record all your activities on a go, it will also provide you daily reports which will help you in motivation.

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2. Yonder

Yonder is a free android app which can be downloaded on android devices as well as the iPhone, this app is designed to provide you complete information and details about the outdoor location which is good for your sports and fitness. This location can be any spot where you can have a fitness related activities such as swimming, tracking, gym, and biking etc. this app will not only provide you the list of places nearby you but also its map and time you can reach there. This app is very beneficial for connecting you with outdoor and nature, you can also find reviews of other people who have used the location for outdoor activities.

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3. Adaptive

This app is very good for the providing the information, fitness plan and motivation for your fitness goals, this app will provide you a complete fitness and diet plan. It is best for those people who feel left behind and lost while following a particular fitness plan. This app will help you keep a record of your diet and health plan and help you stick to your diet plan. This app can be downloading in the android devices as well as iPhones as low as $10 per month. This app will customize itself according to the requirement of the user and act as a personal coach with the exercise and coaching sessions. You can enjoy energetic music while exercise and trainer will keep you motivated to achieve the fitness goals.

4. Headspace

This app is free of cost for initial stages and you need to pay for the further stages. This app is quite popular all around the world and used by different athletes and celebrities. This app is designed for meditation and meditation sessions keeping in mind the need of meditation in this fast era as well as how expensive one personal session of meditation is charged. Other than this, you can meditate for 10 minutes up to different stages while breathing exercises and meditation techniques provided by this app. You can use it indoors and outdoors depending on your schedule.

5. Runkeeper

The Runkeeper is a well-known app which is designed for the running and keeping track of your run with help of your GPS. This app will track all your run which can be a quick walk or a marathon. This app can be sync all your accessories from heart rate monitor to the smart android watches. This app also allows you to monitor your each footstep while you can enjoy music while running. Initially, this app is for free but you can also enjoy its performance with your friends and track your performance for a long period of time in paid version.

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6. Workout Trainer

If you want to track you’re all over workout the Workout Trainer is just the right app for you which will allow you to track your crunches, steps, and reps. this app will help you to follow the instructions exercise by exercise. This will help you obtain a long-term fitness plan and follow all your fitness activities, while you can monitor all your physical moves.

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