Today, I received a Lenovo A7-50 (A3500-F) for repair. The tablet was stuck in the boot loop and never made to the home screen. I tried to press the reset button, but that didn’t help and it continued to the boot loop. The boot screen looks as below

Fixed Lenovo A7-50 Stuck at Bootloop
Fixed Lenovo A7-50 Stuck at Bootloop

Since this wasn’t any drop or water damage case either, I was sure it has something to do with the software. So, the first thing I wanted to try was wiping everything and format via recovery. However, the tablet refused to enter into recovery as well.

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The way Fixed Lenovo A7-50 Stuck at Bootloop

So, the last option I had was to install the firmware freshly via the SP flash tool. For that, we need the correct firmware because flashing incorrect firmware may brick your device permanently.

Watch this video to know how to flash MTK devices using SP flash tool

Well, there is no big deal flashing a firmware onto a device, specifically on the MTK devices. The reason I’m writing this article is there are multiple variants of this tablet, and one has to download the correct firmware files particular to the model. The Lenovo A7-50 A3500 has a total of 3 variants, which are:

  • Lenovo A3500-F: Wi-Fi only (Having MediaTek 8381/8121v)
  • Lenovo A3500-H: Wi-Fi + 3G (only data)
  • Lenovo A3500-HV: Wi-Fi + 3G (voice)

The device I had was A3500F having the MediaTek 8121v CPU. That was a Wi-Fi only variant. So flashing firmware of the other versions like those with 3G variant would not work and may brick the devices forever.

Always double check the device model/variants and the firmware match, before flashing onto the device. It is better late a minute or two than sorry.

Once you have the correct firmware files, you need to flash the firmware via the SP flash tool. Once you flash your device with the firmware, the device will be in the factory condition. The first boot will take time after you flash the latest firmware. So, be patient for a while 🙂

If you need any help flashing your device or you are looking for the exact firmware for your device, feel free to let us know via comments.

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