[Fixed] Samsung A50 Charging Stopped with Temperature Sign

This is common issue in Samsung A50 and other similar phones where the battery charging is stopped and a temperature warning messages is displayed on the screen when plugging in the charger. Moreover, the phone won’t turn on with the remaining power in the batter.

Today, I received a Samsung A50 with the above-mentioned issue. The problem started after the phone got some water spilling over it. I opened up the phone and diagnosed properly. I didn’t see much signs of water residuals inside the phone apart from a tiny sign near the charging PCB at the bottom of the phone. Here is what it was showing on the screen while plugging in the charger:

Samsung A50 Charging Stopped with Temperature Sign
Samsung A50 Charging Stopped with Temperature Sign

Fixes I tried

Cleaned up the PCB with the cleaner, the problem remained the same. Replaced the charging connector, still, the issue wasn’t resolved. Meanwhile, one thing I noticed that the phone would turn on if I remove the charging PCB. However, it won’t turn on when the PCB is attached. So, this was clear that the problem is with the charging PCB only.

Fixing the Samsung A50 Not Charging Issue

So, as I figured out the issue was with the charging PCB only, I replaced the PCB with a new one. Here is how the PCB looks like:

Samsung A50 charging PCB

After replacing the charging PCB, the issue was fixed and the phone started charging properly. Here is the proof:

Samsung A50 charging issue fixed after replacing the charging PCB

Although, this fixed was tried on Samsung A50, it would work on other similar phones like Samsung A10, Samsung M30 or any Samsung A and Samsung M series.

If you are facing the same issue, try the issue and let me know if it works for you. Also, let us know if you fixed the issue by any other way.

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