I have written this post to explain how to unlock Samsung mobile phone without any box and cable. Sometime we get Samsung mobile with phone lock. If you are an end user or a mobile repair professional, it will help you. This trick will work specially on the touch screen phone like Samsung Champ, Champ duos, Chat etc.

As an end user, suppose you have put phone lock on your phone. Now accidentally you forgot your unlock code. What will you do now? Will you go to a shop or service center. They will charge you a good amount. What if you can unlock it yourself without any cost.
Now as a shopkeeper, you got a mobile with phone lock. What will you do? If you have flashing box like HWK or other such tool. You can. But it is not sure that the phone will connect. Also if the phone is connected, it is not sure that it will be unlocked successfully.
Whatever the situation is, just use this trick, and you will be able to unlock your phone. Follow these steps and unlock your phone at your own:
  • Switch off your phone.
  • Now switch it on again.
  • On the phone lock screen, click on SOS call.
  • Once clicked on SOS call, confirm SOS calling by clicking on Yes.
  • While SOS call is going on unlock and use the on screen keyboard (If touch screen phone).
  • Now dial *2767*2878#.
  • The call will be disconnected automatically and phone will be restarted automatically.
  • All done!! Your phone is unlocked now. Enjoy!!
I have tested on many phone and it worked for me. Comment if you have any doubt. Share if worked for you.

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