[Update] Whatsapp’s these four new features you will like

Whatsapp is giving some useful and lovable updates nowadays. A few months ago, a new security feature was introduced in Whatsapp, that is end-to-end message encryption. If you choose to use this end-to-end encryption feature, all your text, image, and even video messages will be encrypted and sent to the recipient. One more considerable feature was the voice call. News is that Whatsapp is soon coming up with Video call facility.

Recently some more features have been introduced in Whatsapp, which are quite useful and handy. So, here I am listing down the four new feature with screenshots and description (if any).

1. With the Quick camera button on chat, you can select recent pictures or videos from camera roll

Now you can tap the Quick camera button on the chat screen (just before the send button) to select recent picture or videos from the camera roll. It’s a very useful and handy feature to quickly share picture or videos taken by your device’s camera. Look at the screenshot below:

2. Now you can set any Solid colour as your Chat background

Instead of setting an image as chat background, now you can select any solid colour as the chat screen background. Select any colour from a range of predefined Solid colour, and set is as your chat screen background. Refer the following image for more understanding:

3. Archive, Delete, Mute or Mark as Read multiple chats at once

This is one more useful and handy feature. Now you can select multiple chats and Archive, Delete, Mute or Mark as Read them at once. Here see the screen shot:

4. Send Formatted Text in chat

Bored of sending normal texts. Now send some formatted text in chat. You can make text as BOLD, Italic or Strike through. Thinking how to to format the chat text? Don’t worry, here I am showing how you can format the text, You just have to surround the text with some special characters accordingly:
  • *bold* (surround the text with * to make it bold).
  • _italic_ (surround the text with _[Underscore] to make it italic).
  • ~strike through~ (surround the text with ~[tilde] to make it strike through).
Easy enough na? Well, see the image showing these type of formatted text.
So which feature(s) you like the most, among the listed above? Please share you opinion by simply dropping a comment.
If you find any omission/correction in the article, please let me know. I would like to here from you. And yes, please share the article with your friends.
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