This is the solution for nokia 1202 Light problem. Please follow the below steps to resolve the light problem in nokia 1202.
  1. First Check for the light supplies on LCD connector, if OK then change the LCD.
  2. If not succeed in first step, then change the 2 leg black DIODE (Shown in the picture). In 99% case, the problem is solved by changing the DIODE.
  3. If step to doesn’t work, then change the 3 leg component.
  4. Not succeed in step 3?? Don’t worry, now change the COIL (Shown in the picture). Now it will be success.
You can find these components in Nokia 1202,1280,1616, C1-01, C1-02,C2 etc similar handsets.
If you have more  experience in the light solution, then please share and help others.

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