Here are some hardware solutions for Nokia 1202/1203.

1. Display Solution

This diagram helps you solve the following problems of Nokia 1202 or Nokia 1203

  • Nokia 1202/1203 no display.
  • Nokia 1202/1203 white display.
  • Nokia 1202/1203 no light problem.
If your nokia 1202/1203 have any of the above problems, just check all the ways carefully with Multi-Meter. If any line is broken then make the corresponding jumpers. Your problem will be solved 100%. If all the lines are OK, but problem is not yet solved then once change the Display. If the problem remains the same, then finally give some heat on the black display IC shown in the diagram. This solution is tested by me and working 100%. Good luck.
2. Nokia 1202/1203 Display Light Solution
If Nokia 1202/1203 has display light problem, then see the two light ways in the above diagram. If both lines are ok, then see the following diagram to solve your problem. The problem will be solved 100%.
3. Nokia 1202/1203 Not charging problem solution
If Nokia 1202/1203 is showing ‘Not Charging’ then change the battery and charger. After changing these, if the problem remains the same then remove the black IC shown in the following diagram. Your problem will be solved.
Note : More solutions for Nokia 1202/1203 Hardware problem will be added. If you have any working solution for this phone or any other phone and want to help peoples then please email me at the email ID given on the Contact page.

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